Accrediation & Certification

NCAA (National Council for Accreditation and Assessment)

The National Council for Accreditation and Assessment (NCAA) is authorized and registered national level facilitator for accreditation and assessment. The NCAA is a voluntary, non-governmental organization that operates a nationally recognized accrediting and assessment Council under the guidance of the NCAA Commission. The NCAA Commission defines, maintains, and promotes service excellence in Institutions/Colleges involved in Management, Engineering and Technology Education via distance or regular mode of studies.

The NCAA has established three accrediting bodies under its scope of services :

National Council for Distance Education
National Council for Technical Education
National Council for Vocational Training

The NCAA is dedicated to nurturing quality assurance, protection of the rights of the students. NCAA accreditation aims to instill public confidence in NCAA certified institutions’ missions, goals, performances, and resources through meticulous application and peer-developed accreditation standards.



Welcome you all Aspirants…

I welcome you on behalf of the GITMS and thank you for showing your interest in us. GITMS is impart excellence in management education, research, and managerial training.

From Director’s Desk : GITMS

For a management institute it is imperative to be prepared for the changing environment while teaching its students to do the same. In an era that has come to become the epitome of competition, B-schools face the very pressures that they prepare their graduates for.