Diploma In Survey Engineering

These programs are meant for basically those professionals who are already working in technical departments of the corporate sector. These courses enable our students to go ahead and achieve the higher profiles in their respective organizations through a high profile curriculum

CourseDiploma in Survey Engineering
EligibilityS.S.C with Work Experience
SyllabusSem – I
1. Communication Skills
2. Physics – I
3. Chemistry – I
4. Mathematics
5. Engineering Mechanics
Sem – II
1. Business Economics & Accountancy
2. Physics – II
3. Chemistry – II
4. Engineering Mathematics
5. Strength of Material
Sem – III
1. Engineering Drawing
2. Environmental Engineering
3. Basic Electronics
4. Chain & Compass Survey
5. Leveling & Plane Table Surveying
Sem – IV
1. Cartography
2. Geodesy & Astronomy
3. Tachometers & Cadastral Survey
4. Theodolite Survey
5. Material & Construction Practice.
Sem V
1. Industrial Management
2. Curve & Triangulation
3. Topography & Hydrography
4. Tunnel & Mine Surveying
5. Town & Country Planning
Sem VI
1. Land Laws & Land Records
2. Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing
3. Estimation, Valuation & Control
4. Design of RCC Structure
5. Mining Technology
Duration1 ~ 3 Year


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