Computer Application

These programs are meant for basically those professionals who are already working in technical departments of the corporate sector. These courses enable our students to go ahead and achieve higher profiles in their respective organizations through a high profile curriculum.

CoursesDiploma in Computer ApplicationBachelors Program in Computer ApplicationMaster Program in Computer Application
EligibilityS.S.C with Work Experience3 Years Diploma or HSC with 3 years Work Experience.Graduate or Diploma with 5 years Work Experience.
Syllabus1. Data Structures & Algorithm.
2. Programming in C, C++.
3. Operating System.
4. Software Engineering
Sem – I
1. Digital Electronics
2. Business Systems & Applications
3. Introduction to Programming
4. Mathematics
5. PC Software
Sem – II
1. Computer Architecture & System Software
2. Information Systems Analysis & Design
3. Computer Programming
4. Mathematics
5. English Language & Communication
Sem – III
1. Operating Systems
2. Data Structure with C
3. Graphics & Internet
4. Mathematics for Computing
5. Management & Accounting
Sem – IV
1. Data Base Management System
2. Object Oriented Programming with C++
3. Software Project Management & Quality Assurance
4. Statistics, Numerical Methods & Algorithms
5. Environment & Ecology
Sem – V
1. Data Communication & Computer Networks
2. Unix & Shell Programming
3. Windows Programming
4. Values & Ethics of Profession
5. Human Computer Interaction
Sem – VI
1. Advanced Unix & Shell Programming
2. Multimedia & E-commerce
3. Intelligent Systems
4. Image Processing
5. Software Engineering
Sem – I
1. Accounting and Financial management
2. Digital Electronics and Computer Organization
3. Discrete Mathematics Structure
4. Computer Oriented Statistical Methods
5. C and C++ Programming
Sem – II
1. Computer Oriented Numerical Methods
2. Operating System Principles
3. System Software & Compiler Design
4. Database Management System
5. Data Structure Using C++
Sem – III
1. Software Engineering
2. Data Communication & Computer Networks
3. Computer Graphics
4. Design & Analysis of Algorithms
5. Visual Programming
Sem – IV
1. Programming In JAVA
2. Object Oriented Analysis & Design using UML
3. Optimization Techniques
4. Internet Working & Web Design
5. Modeling & Simulation
Duration4 Months~11 Months1 Year~3 Year1~2 Year


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