Paint Technology

These programs are meant for basically those professionals who are already working in technical departments of the corporate sector. These courses enable our students to go ahead and achieve the higher profiles in their respective organizations through a high profile curriculum.

CoursesDiploma in Paint Technology (1 Yr)Diploma in Paint Technology (3 Yr)Bachelors Program in Paint Technology
Eligibility S.S.C with Work ExperienceS.S.C with Work Experience
Work Experience
3 Year Diploma or HSC with 3 year Work Experience
SyllabusPART- I
1. Paint Application
2. Introduction to Paints And Surface Coatings
3. Paint Technology
4. Basic Paint Manufacturing
1. Paint Application
2. Industrial Coating
3. Introduction to Paints and Surface Coatings
4. Printing Inks and Speciality Coatings
1. Industrial Chemistry
2. Basic Test Methods of Coatings
3. Economics of Painting
4. Paint Technology 
1. Industrial Finishes
2. Basic Paint Manufacturing
3. Project Handling in Painting
4. Decorative Paints
1. Engg. Mechanics
2. Engg. Drawing
3. Engg. Mathematics I
4.. Mechatronics
1. Engg Graphics
2. Engg. Mathematics II
3. Physical Metallurgy
4. Thermo Dynamics & Kinetics
1. Material Science
2. Metallurgy & Quality Control
3. Micro-fabrication & Nanotechnology
4. Powder Metallurgy & Particulate Systems
1. Construction Engineering
2. Dry Oils & Paint Media
3. Formulation and Manufacturing of Paint
4. Surface Preparation & Paint Application
Duration1 Year3 Year4 Year


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